Change Can Be Easy!

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COVID changed the world and the way businesses function. Limited capacity. Carry out and delivery in places that were never seen before. Work at home for jobs that normally were done in an office. Currently, this has become the norm. Whether or not this continues down the same path forever, we don’t know for sure. What we do know is businesses need to change with the current times to stay in business.

Having employees working from home isn’t as scary as some people may think. Technology these days has improved enough to allow us to do most office style jobs remote. Sure, physical labor jobs may still need employees on site, but limiting the amount of people in one place can help stop the spread and keep your employees safe.

A medical facility may need it’s employees on site to do procedures, scan, tests, etc. But the billing department typically does not need to be on site. All paper processing tasks can now be in the past. Even doctors offices that need to fax things can be done digitally and processed remotely. The data can be secured and HIPAA compliant through encryption and VPN connections.

Insurance agents, asset management, marketing companies and many others are good examples of companies that can actually benefit from the current situation. Without the overhead of a location (rent, utilities, security, etc), that savings can be reallocated to other areas. Whether it be paying your employees more, bonuses for exemplary work, better equipment to improve productivity, or even additional funds in marketing for future expansion.

Technology has advanced enough that there can almost always be a way for a business to succeed as times change. It just requires an open mind and a good, innovative IT company to provide business owners with suggestions and plans on how to change to fit the need.