What is a VPN and why do I need one?

What is a VPN and why do I need one? post thumbnail

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Think of it like a secure connection between two locations. For example, someone working from home connects to their office network over a VPN and it is not only secure and encrypted but it acts as if the user is physically in the office.

With a lot more people working from home lately, VPN connections are pretty essential. A lot of businesses have shared folders or servers the users need to access on a daily basis. The VPN connection allow them to do this from any location with the security of encrypted traffic.

Those types of connections are referred to as Client to Site or Remote Access. There are also Site to Site VPNs. For businesses with multiple locations, a site to site VPN allows all of the networks to communicate as if they were one big location. This is great for teams across multiple sites that need to collaborate on projects.

VPN connections also allow employers to keep better track of their devices and how they are being used. When they send an employee home with a PC and they use it on their personal network without a VPN tracking, monitoring, and even things like securing with antivirus can be a lot harder to manage. When they are connected to the VPN the difficulties of the PC being off the company network goes away.

VPN’s are often used just to secure and encrypt the user’s traffic. Sometimes people just want to make sure everything they do online is secure and not necessarily tracked. That is where services like Private Internet Access come in. These will not help you in linking offices together but can help keep your online presence a little more secret. These are generally not used in businesses but more on an individual basis.

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